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The ideal solution for those looking for an autonomous machine

In addition to standard robotic cells – i.e. those in which an anthropomorphic robot has the task of controlling machine tools, transfers, work stations – Suprema designs and manufactures tailor-made automated plants in which a robot is responsible for handling the piece or tool to perform deburring, cutting, grinding, polishing processes etc.

Robotic cells are an ideal solution for those who need to manufacture different items and are looking for a flexible and autonomous machine.

We take care of the cell setup and supply to meet all kind of production needs. In the robotic cell, the only operator’s tasks may be loading/unloading the dispenser (unless this function is also automated), or else carry out specific programming, tuning and maintenance operations.

User interfaces are specifically developed to be used with ease by operators of any level.



After die casting, molding, casting or other processes, pieces have non-uniform areas and sometimes – for both aesthetic and functional reasons – excess material has to be removed. Deburring is carried out by means of several tools such as: files, rotary files, cutters, grinders, brushes, etc.


Grinding is a surface finish technique widely employed to prepare surfaces to further processing. Materials whose surface usually undergoes grinding are e.g. aluminum, steel, brass, etc. Grinding can be carried out by abrasive belts and different types of contact wheels.


Cutting can be useful to remove large parts of excess material or to reduce deburring time, where possible. Blades are chosen after specific calculations to define type and work data (rotation speed, feed speed, lubrication, etc.).


Polishing by means of anthropomorphic robots has the advantage of being useful also to process items with very complex geometries (taps, handles, etc.). Thanks to the wide range of tools our polishing machines can be equipped with excellent surface-finish results can be achieved. For this kind of operation, brushes and abrasive pastes of different types are used, chosen from a wide range of products.

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Special Equipment

We are able to study and manufacture tailor-made plants for any type of handling and tending operations, regardless of the industry, the type of objects to be processed and materials involved.

We have created and implemented equipment in our robotic or third-party cells for special processing including:
– Cutting/grinding units
– Sharpening units
– Dispensers for special pieces
– Grinding units for rotodosers
– Punching machines

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