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Automated plants are the ideal solution for those companies having to manufacture a single item on large scale. Specific machines studied to the last detail to optimize production.

The systems designed and built by Suprema are characterized by high quality and the ability to cope with the most varied production needs.

We have developed an extensive expertise by operating in a wide range of sectors. Therefore, we are able to offer solutions for the following industries:

• Automotive
• Aerospace
• Machine Tools
• Nautical
• Industrial design
• Food & Beverage
• Die casting
• Petrochemical
• Metal surface treatment



Grinding is a surface-treatment technique used to obtain a homogeneous surface. It is also employed to prepare items to further processing, such as brushing or polishing.

Satin finish

Satin finishing is a surface treatment technique which has become very popular in recent years, especially in the manufacturing of furnishings (chair bases, aluminum profiles, etc.). It comes in handy to hide any defects of the raw material, giving a very hi-tech visual effect at the same time.

Brushing / Polishing

Polishing is used whenever you want to obtain a glossy surface with low roughness. In addition to giving a great visual effect, it also enhances the aesthetic qualities of the material and, e.g. in the case of stainless steel, it makes it more suitable to be employed in the most critical industries (pharmaceutical, food & beverage, etc.).



We are able to study and create tailor-made systems for any kind of handling and item processing, regardless of the industry, the type of products and materials involved.

Special equipment

We design, build and install plants and machinery of different types and sizes, as well as special equipment intended for particular use.
We have experience in the field of special automatic or semi-automatic equipment developed for specific sectors and we can manage the requests of those customers needing special equipment.

Here are some examples:
5. Cartridge dispensers for steelworks
6. Manual grinders for 90° machining
7. Systems for the manufacturing of product label hooks
8. Special conveyor belts
9. Special roller conveyors
10. Personalized manipulators

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