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Designing tailor-made solutions IS OUR STRENGTH

Our goals? Meeting customers’ specific needs, personalizing products to the last detail. We follow our customer throughout the project: from the preliminary study to prototyping, from product data management to the supply of turnkey plants, according to the needs and requirements of the customer.

Thanks to our expertise in a wide range of manufacturing industries we can control, develop and manage effectively and completely each phase of the project, providing reliable support to our customers’ technical departments by putting our experience at their service.

Quality is our main GOAL

We guarantee utmost efficiency, reliability and discretion. A True Business Partner at your side.

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Juan Carlos

Project Manager

Juan Carlos

Project Manager

Juan Carlos

Project Manager

Juan Carlos

Project Manager

Here’s some of ourCASE HISTORY

Personalized Plants

Well-known Italian company, world leader in the microfiltration industry for the manufacturing of filter housings.
The challenge was to perform grinding operations on both the inside and outside of stainless-steel tanks used in the food, pharmaceutical and oil industries. The need for grinding up to an extremely smooth surface, almost free of roughness, is dictated by current legislation which establishes, in addition to the material to be used, the quality standards of the surface finish which will enter in contact with the product. Moreover, the company – aiming at becoming a reference point in the industry – gives so much importance to aesthetics that they wanted to achieve the same results also on the outer surface.
A tough challenge – made arduous due to the various dimensions of the tanks, both in diameter and in height – which immediately stimulated us. After a project-development phase which required all our energy, we managed to work out a solution by creating a machine equipped with special units for both external and internal grinding. The solution also proved to be extremely versatile because it enabled the customer to automatically work small batches with zero setup time between one article and another.
To our customer’s great satisfaction, we have become a trusted partner, establishing a long-lasting business relationship. Since then, another two machines have been developed: two extremely complex and personalized brushing machines specifically intended for the aforementioned items.

Robotic cells

Deburring Plants

Our Company is located in a territory hosting many companies belonging to the aluminum die-casting industry, hence many of our customers are either manufacturers of die-cast components themselves or strictly connected to the supply chain, e.g. they deal with metal surface treatment.
Die-cast aluminum components have significant pros, for they can be molded even in case of very complex geometries. During die-casting, it is impossible to prevent all imperfections on the piece surface. Such imperfections (e.g. burrs, lumps, flakes, etc.) can be more or less evident and are due to mold wear and/or to molding parameters. In many cases deburring is necessary to homogenize the surface for both aesthetic and functional reasons.
• The very complex geometry of the pieces to be manufactured and the versatility required by some customers has led us to the creation of anthropomorphic robots and robotic cells composed of different types of tools. For many customers we have designed special units for cutting, punching, deburring, as well as item dispensers to complete the robotic cell. • Implementing two anthropomorphic robots on a machine to reduce cycle time, increase productivity and completely work the piece is one of the latest trends is.
Our personalized solution has proved successful, as the customer confirmed. This has proved possible thanks to our each one of our customers, who presented us with ever-new challenges to enhance their machinery with our solutions.

Robotic cells

Grinding Plants

Furnishing and household component manufacturers and contractors. A non-comprehensive list of pre-treated items we have already dealt with includes the following: outdoor lighting structures, slicers, coffee makers, chair bases, table legs, seats, taps, handles, etc.
Many items related to the aforementioned sectors need to be sanded so as to get a homogeneous surface of all those components which remain visible in the final product. The need is both aesthetic and functional and it allows to obtain surfaces with a satin effect, ready to use, or smoothed – that is, ready for further processing such as brushing, polishing , or painting.
Our solution consists in developing plants – in case of simple surfaces for large-scale production – or robotic cells – when there is a need for complex geometries and small batches – to increase quality and production, while reducing costs and optimizing resources at the same time. The constant search for new technologies, combined with the experience gained over several years has allowed us to create technologically advanced automatic systems, where the implementation of specific UI has simplified their use, making them increasingly autonomous and in harmony with the machine, having the software full control of all processing parameters.
Thanks to our customer training programs on how to use the machines, combined with our prompt assistance services (remote and/or on site) we have been able to build loyalty, reassuring our customer who can always rely on an expert, trusted partner.

Robotic cells

Brushing/Polishing Plants

Fashion accessories, apparel and furnishing industries are the main sectors in which brushing and polishing are required. Steel and brass are the main materials which need to be processed.
Such items need a brushed surface finish and the majority of them also needs to be polished in order to enhance the characteristics of the material and the aesthetic quality of the final product to please the eye. We can find the essence of Made-in-Italy artisan quality – admired all over the world – in products such as: fashion accessories, furniture components, taps, etc. where attention to detail turns into obsession.
Robotic cells and plants are increasingly being adopted to improve the quality of the items to be processed. Such systems are often composed of a multi-spindle rotary table and a variable number of brushing units – depending on the geometry of the items and the finish to be obtained (e.g.: buckles, buttons, studs, etc.). Robotic cells are the ideal solution to deal with those particular items which are demanding in terms of handling – that is, those ones with complex shapes and heavy weighted (e.g.: taps, handles, profiles, etc.).
Our expertise, together with a flexible, expert team of professionals, allowed us to meet our customers’ needs, getting them engaged with the designing process to develop tailor-made, co-designed solutions.

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